In_Visibility is a digital storytelling and poetry project by and about queer trans*inter people.

It is an ongoing series of short animated and experimental films that deal with the difficulties and challenges to navigate the world when the labels society gives you are annoying, restraining, painful, and also threatening. It is about how it feels to be hiding in plain sight.

I started it out of my own need to vocalise my experiences in my everyday life as a visibly queer trans* person. My own need to see other people talk about how they feel, what they experience – and how they deal with it. So it strated out with soe conversations amongst friends – which then turned in the first few videos.

The videos are short animated sequences of stories, poems, spoken word pieces or music of queer trans*inter people about seeing the world from a position outside the binary, on how to develop strategies that help you resist the constant pressure to conform to certain ideals or how to resist certain stereotypes.

Although the need to label things is a very human one, and everyone of uses categories to organise their world, the rigidity of these categories has to be critised and questioned. In the end, what is more important – my own desire to structure the world and make it intelligble, or to accept that sometimes my categories fail and in the worst case will harm and disrespect a person.?

It is the aim of this series to regain some sense of self outside of this matrix and to amplify our voices. The approach is intersectional and queerfeminist, and that is not negotiable.  also want to create a project website and make all of these films accessible and create a meta-narrative of our plural visions of the world.

The series is a constantly growing work-in-progress and is always looking for participants.

Find some of the films on Vimeo.

Screening Dates:

Not all of the films are always being screened at these events.


10/nn  International Queer Filmfestival Hamburg

09/16  Transcreen Amsterdam


10/08  Glasgow, UK,  Home Away – Festival of Participatory Arts

10/17   Montréal, CAN, Deep Dark Shorts @NDQ

11/12    Cologne, GER, Kingdom Of Cologne, Ausnahmeparty


Do you have an idea for a poem, a short story, a situation, a song that you want see to be transformed into a short film?

Are you interested in screening some or all of the films at your event?

Please contact me:

At the moment, I do most of the artwork and filmediting. But I am very interested in collaborations with other people! Get in touch!