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Labels are for records…

A short animated video about becoming invisible in a world where everything seems to need a label.
German with English subtitles.
Product of a workshop held by TrIQ- Berlin in November of 2015.
Film by Jespa Jacob Smith. Music by Dandy and the Ghost.



documentary: ‘abtragung’ by franziska windisch

franziska windisch is an artist who lives and works in cologne and brussels. her work is mainly focussed on movement in time and space, how to record it and the possibilities of its transferablility and formalization. this is expressed through her various audio-visual installations but also underlined by her bodily performances .

i had the chance to document her performance ‘abtragung’, which took place in cologne between the 2nd and 13th of december 2013. the performance consisted of the artist removing the surface of a wooden tabletop with a sander within this specific period, moving around the table, nearly appearing to follow a hidden choreography. in the final performance the wood dust that had been produced throughout the 10 days of the performance was swept up and deposited on the table. the sound of the sander, that had been recorded during the performance, was amplified and echoed through the passage underground, where the performance was situated.

follow this link to franziskas website.

here is an animated video i made from some of the pictures i took: